This is a place of good ideas

Nick Media Group is an organization that is shaped by the power of ideas. Our professional team members believe that without a well-planned marketing and promotion strategy there is no successful business. Here you can find a wide range of creative services.
We offer all our services to local and international clients in order to solve marketing dilemnas and improve their businesses.
Our clients are accustomed to being satisfied.

Our approach

Responsible & Professional


An exceptional result requires team work. Together we coin ideas,
complete your goals, and take a very responsible approach to our


A work plan, together with a detailed strategy and an outline of every step, are necessary to achieve a satisfying outcome.


A satisfied client is our main goal. The best outcome stems from the
dedication of the Nick Media Group team.

We are your gateway to the
World of the Internet

The Nick Media Group’s creative team takes a very detailed approach in finding solutions best tailored to your needs, while observing the latest marketing trends.

Regarding audiovisual media and marketing, we use the latest technologies that guarantee a quality product, which follows the latest trends in the world of
production. So far, we have created several hundred hours of video material for the Internet and TV distribution, and our work has been recognized by dozens of clients, whom we introduced into the world of the Internet and marketing.


We are especially proud of the regional success
of one of our first projects. Our portal, DNEVNICK.com, is visited by
1,5 million people monthly on all social media and web platforms.

We do it for you

Graphic Design

The impact of visually attractive and professional content
creation is imperative in marketing. Your logo design and corporate
branding with printed marketing materials are what strengthens the
credibility of your business. We are here for you.

Web Design

A website reflects the quality of your business
and is also a sure path to business success. A well-designed website
makes it easy for the customer to navigate and understand. Our
products are modern, straightforward, transparent, and original.

Video Production

We create professional and attractive video content. Our
production team consists of highly experienced media workers –
journalists, cameramen, and editors. We use professional equipment
only and meet the latest standards.

Social Media

Does your
business even exist if it is not on social media? We think NOT! That is
why we will present you on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube in the
most creative, original, and professional ways.


Brand development is one of the
most significant aspects of every business. A clear and well-built
branding strategy increases the general and competitive value of a


We organize events for
your company's anniversaries, conferences and seminars. We also
provide all the necessary equipment, technical and personnel support.
We are part of your personal and business events.






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